Upgrading to GRDC+: the facts

As part of the Ginetta Family, I will race in GRDC+ in the UK and Holland. With upgrades required to give it that extra bit of performance – namely the tyres and dampers.
As the next level of competition, the GRDC+ pushes us further by increasing the number of weekends, as well as the number of races at each venue. Sometimes joining the bigger Protyre Motorsport Ginetta GT5 Challenge in a huge 60 car grid!
This year we also move from 8 races to 18 races! That will certainly be an extra load on our brains and physically more demanding.
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In summary, the key differences are: • Increased number of race weekends – Six in total • EUROPEAN RACING • Increased number of races – Three per weekend • Potential for combined grids at larger circuits • GRDC+ holds championship status.
Despite the increased competition between drivers in GRDC+, Ginetta is committed to continuing the camaraderie of competitors and relationships which have been developed.
GRDC+ gives us the opportunity to embed ourself into one of their professional race teams.
Teams are able to look after the car at the circuit, transport it to and from events and also ensure that the set-up of the car is modified for conditions, circuit and driving.
But you guessed it, my way is going to be different…
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A tough day ahead

4 races in 1 day, it is a first for us. Upside: we get to lick our wounds on Easter Sunday with the kids. Downside: there will be no time to make any major adjustments or repairs, so a crash on qualification could mean 0 point for the first 3 races. Will our racing style change? I very much doubt it. There is something strange at play when you are behind the wheel, you don’t realise that you have left your brain in the pit lane…is it testosterone, adrenaline, competitiveness or tunnel focus, I honestly could not tell you.

Here is our timetable:

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Oulton park timetable
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Officially a racing driver

I’ve completed my first season in motorsport and I am officially a racing driver!
It sounds scary, it is scary; but mainly for my opponents as I have not yet figured out where the brake pedal is.screen shot 2017 03 20 at 15 06 52 - Officially a racing driver
The British GT Championship is one of the UK’s most spectacular racing series, with powerful supercars battling for supremacy. Racing at speeds in excess of 150mph, they sound as fast as they look! Expect grids of over 30 cars including Aston Martins, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens and Porsches.
The BRDC British F3 Championship meanwhile is a major route on the way to F1 success and a grid full of fresh-faced racers will be out. In addition there’s a packed support programme featuring Ginetta sportscars, that’s us.
Don’t forget if you want to contribute, please give to our charity of choice:
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