Racing for SOS Villages

image 300x225 - Racing for SOS VillagesAs a Moroccan, I’ve had the privilege to grow up in one of the most culturally syncretic countries in the world. However, looking back on my childhood, things were not always easy. Morocco’s Casablanca often saw the confrontation between the European and Arabic cultures, clashing on a resilient Berber foundation. These three major traditions were a lot to take in. I loved going on the pier and gazing at the ocean. Unlike the people around me, the ocean was a single entity, unimaginably greater than human beings, yet so much more synchronised. Even today, I’m overwhelmed by its beauty and character.

Morocco also brought together the wealthy and the poor. I could never find it in my heart to reconcile these extremes and I always knew we could do better. With the help of technology, our lives were improved dramatically, yet so little was shared with those who actually needed our help. Today, still, we are far from perfection. But this does not mean that we must yield to the hardships that lie ahead. As a young man, I never ceased to persevere, but I knew that others were not as fortunate as I was.

Some of the children I grew up with didn’t have the same opportunities. If something is to be different, we have to make it so. Nobody will do it for us. Once I set-up and secured the KAS Technologies Group, I finally felt that my desire to give back to the community might actually come to life one day. My occupations today are still in tone with those of that young man who used to stroll along the ocean shore.

I’m uncannily aware that my existence will end one day. I’d like to greet that moment with no regrets, so every day, I live life to its fullest. Like a heart monitor, I want every day to be full of ups and downs. We can keep the smooth line for the end. It’s no wonder that racing is so deeply rooted into my spirit. The sensation of controlling a machinery working like clockwork on the edge is just breath taking. kas 7045 - Racing for SOS VillagesMade by man, yet still, somehow, perfect. Following this passion, I joined the Ginetta Racing Drivers Club and participate in the Ginetta G40 Cup series.

Orphans and very vulnerable children too deserve to lead a full, happy life. We can all do something to help and disrupt the status quo. tpa picture 60612 twitter - Racing for SOS VillagesSo let’s give others a chance to change the world. For me, this is car racing.

All -100%- of the proceeds from sponsors will go to SOS Villages – No commissions, administration fees or other hidden costs.

We are raising funds and if you want to help or be part of our journey, please email me at for a sponsorship pack or just to have a chat.

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