a few words about artificial intelligence what is it - Our last 3 videos are FAKE!

Our last 3 videos are FAKE!

No, we have not been hacked. So let me tell you about our little secret: We have used AI (Artificial Intelligence) to see whether we could pull off videos that would appear to be authentic… No actors were involved, these are avatars. No script was written but automatically generated on the basis of a few key words. The theme, problematic, development as well as the conclusion was automatically processed. We have used a variety of tools. 

As you may know Oxford Engineering has won a competition to start it’s AI program. So we feel quite playful.

Thank you for all the views & feedback; some has been literally hilarious. Some people thought we have lost it; they are most probably right. All I can say is that there is some sense behind the madness! See you around.

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