img 0101 - Team presentation - Celtman 2017

Team presentation – Celtman 2017

The Athlete: Salim ‘the Dreamer’, an Ironman from Morocco looking for the next extreme challenge.

img 9825 - Team presentation - Celtman 2017
The Support Runner: Joe, a Treck specialist from the USA, carrier of the Survival Kit.

img 0083 - Team presentation - Celtman 2017
Media Support: Myriam, photograph and world traveler just arrived from East Jerusalem.

img 0084 - Team presentation - Celtman 2017
Support Management and coordination: yours truly.

img 0101 - Team presentation - Celtman 2017

Run Ez Run

The following story has appeared in the local newspaper, I will just let you read it:
img 0160 1 - Run Ez Run
img 0161 - Run Ez RunAs her husband, I have been known to be her strongest supporter and harshest critic; so it is in all honesty that I can say:

Lesley has been training daily as hard as her body has allowed her to, harder than I have ever seen her train. Determined as usual when she is focused on an important goal, I am positive she will achieve it with flying colours. Lesley has found a way to channel her tears to help herself and others, what a great way to deal with adversity.

If you want to be part of this event or if this story has touched you, please donate something, I know it will touch her.

img 0161 1 - Run Ez Run
P.S: If they are any cynical readers out there…before you ask, no I havent donated yet. That money she has raised by herself. As customary in our household we have to prove ourselves; no shortcuts.

And with that I wish you a nice week-end!

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