Silverstone GP Race 2

It’s been 2 accidents in a row, the inability to repair my Butterfly in time for the next race. So in total I score 3 DNF’s, 2 expensive bills, 1 badly hurt ego and 0 point. The season is truly over from a competitive point of view.

I am convinced I could not of avoided any incident. I have spoken to Ginetta staff and the Clerk as well as reviewed the on board telemetry, circuit cameras and live TV retransmissions. It’s just bad luck.

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A friend of mine passes me by ans asks me how many points I have on my license. Do I project the image of a reckless driver? He is surprised to learn that my license is still virgin while he conceeds that he has 2 points on his… We laugh it off.

My wife is not here to give me my pep talk and worse, our telephone conversation got me in a bad place. My brother feels that he should step in with a few words of encouragement. I am suited and booted, in my car, ready to go. He says something along the lines of: “isn’t it great that you do such a dangerous sport?” Cheers! That’s what I really needed to hear after 2 crashes…please Bro – I love you – , but whatever you do in life, don’t become a psychologist!

We are back on the grid, I’m not feeling it. Race control shows the 5 minute board and only 5 seconds later it’s lights out! Go Go Go…no. I was a sleep, maybe dreaming, who knows? I have a bad start. My car is badly pulling to the left. Did Kevin not repair the steering correctly? Am I imagining things? The pack of cars extend their lead on me. Come on Karim, courage!

Now I remember, during testing we were wondering why the car was pulling sideways in certain corners, the winds were very strong. The car is great and so is Kevin. It’s me! Nobody or nothing else to blame. Put your crashes behind you. Let it wash over you, press the throttle, allow your brain to focus and relax all muscles. That’s it, I catch and overtake 6 cars…only to spin in the last corner before the checkered flag!

I am still traveling backwards, I do not want to crash, I reverse out of the track on the grass while avoiding oncoming traffic. Having not stopped on track and allowed the car to continue it’s travel, I have given enough time for all the cars to race around me.

Time to get back to the truck and lick my wounds.

img 0085 1 - Silverstone GP Race 2

Silverstone GP, iconic Formula 1 track

The world class racers have fought, won and lossed on this piece of tarmac. We still hear the roar of their engines. Here we were, a few days ago, on their track… following on their tyre marks.Our race is a mixed pro-am race of the biggest Ginetta presentation ever with G40 and GT5 on show. The grid is 48 driver strong.

img 0085 - Silverstone GP, iconic Formula 1 trackIt’s going to be a big week-end.

I feel good, I have “Butterfly” with me (my new car, still a virgin…all white and no miles on the counter).

A day’s shake down later with no time to wrap her; we are already out for qualification. The track is full and only a few get a clear lap. I end up 12th, not bad, I’m happy with this start.

My brother is on route from Morocco with his family of pirates and will support me tomorrow on Big Sunday.

To donate, click: SOS Village children having fun.

screen shot 2017 03 20 at 15 06 52 - Officially a racing driver

Officially a racing driver

I’ve completed my first season in motorsport and I am officially a racing driver!
It sounds scary, it is scary; but mainly for my opponents as I have not yet figured out where the brake pedal is.screen shot 2017 03 20 at 15 06 52 - Officially a racing driver
The British GT Championship is one of the UK’s most spectacular racing series, with powerful supercars battling for supremacy. Racing at speeds in excess of 150mph, they sound as fast as they look! Expect grids of over 30 cars including Aston Martins, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, McLarens and Porsches.
The BRDC British F3 Championship meanwhile is a major route on the way to F1 success and a grid full of fresh-faced racers will be out. In addition there’s a packed support programme featuring Ginetta sportscars, that’s us.
Don’t forget if you want to contribute, please give to our charity of choice:
tpa picture 60612 twitter - Officially a racing driver

Run Ez Run

The following story has appeared in the local newspaper, I will just let you read it:
img 0160 1 - Run Ez Run
img 0161 - Run Ez RunAs her husband, I have been known to be her strongest supporter and harshest critic; so it is in all honesty that I can say:

Lesley has been training daily as hard as her body has allowed her to, harder than I have ever seen her train. Determined as usual when she is focused on an important goal, I am positive she will achieve it with flying colours. Lesley has found a way to channel her tears to help herself and others, what a great way to deal with adversity.

If you want to be part of this event or if this story has touched you, please donate something, I know it will touch her.

img 0161 1 - Run Ez Run
P.S: If they are any cynical readers out there…before you ask, no I havent donated yet. That money she has raised by herself. As customary in our household we have to prove ourselves; no shortcuts.

And with that I wish you a nice week-end!

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