I apologise in advance for this blog; I am tired, stressed, down…but not out!

Last night I got my car back working, we still had some work to do to enter this week-end’s race, and it all seemed feasible. We would quickly check the compulsory transponder, onboard cameras (vbox), lap time predictor (racelogic) for the tech savvy, add the racing numbers, stickers and SOS Villages decals.

I set-off this morning full of hope and dreams. Within 30 minutes, I was surrounded with smoke inside the cabin, battery light on red and a sense of deja vu. I got towed to Rockingham and while I watched my competitors getting ready for the race, I paced up and down the paddock: six guys where under my bonnet and inside the cabin stripping everything bare!

So no testing for me today, the car is still on the mend and we can only cross our fingers… hopefully… maybe… tomorrow will be a better day. At best I will race a car with a new set-up straight into qualifying with no testing…at worse I will watch…either way far from a good starting point.img 8507 - Curse of the black Friday

So in the morning I will do what I always do, I will pick myself up, change what I can change and not worry about what is set. If there is a way to qualify, I will be there; that much I promise. In the meantime, it’s goodnight from me.

Thanks for all your wishes from England, Estonia, France, Jamaica, Malaysia, Morocco, Mozambique, Romania & United States… Especially to my fan club, flying over from Casablanca: BIG UP BRO!

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