Sorry for the delay everyone, we’ve been struggling with some technical complications lately. Although we do have 2 on-board cameras, I’m not allowed to publish the videos due to copyright issues. I know a lot of you were interested in getting a first-hand account of my experience behind the wheel and what it feels like on the track. Additionally we are given the driver’s poscreen shot 2016 05 13 at 11 50 26 - Rules and emotionsints and rankings but are forbidden to publish them. But so far its easy to guess that if I qualified 7th and arrived at both races 7th, I must be ranked…

I want nothing more than to oblige you. You’ve been there for me every step of the way and your energy got me through some of the most stressful and challenging moments. For this reason, we’ve taken a good crack at the issue, but there’s just no way around it – it’s an obscure and bewildering set of rules and regulations, legal ramifications and ethical boundaries we have to respect.

At least there’s nothing stopping us from peaking at the Race Clerk’s report and Official Ginetta Cars Bulletin, which reads as follows: a total of 6 incidents were investigated during the Rockingham Circuit, no further action taken. One under review was when Rob forced me off track limits at full speed. I will remember that one for a while!

Sadly, in another incident, one of the protagonists was Simon with…Rob Morgan. Simon’s car got into a speed wobble near the wall, right before the finish line. Rob did not break – risking all for glory! Wrong choice he took himself and Simon off the track in the process.

As he was walking away from his wrecked car, I saw Rob grinning from side to side and couldn’t help but give him a big bear hug and strong words of encouragement. Despite the circumstances, he could still see the silver lining of what happened – they were about 100 meters from the chequered flag! His good humour and spirits always get to me, which is why I’ve nicknamed him the Kamikaze of 2016 GRDC series. img 8550 - Rules and emotionsHe’s earned his credit among the drivers twice over – once with his attitude and then again when he proved to everyone that he’s not going to give up as long as there’s a blade of grass he can hold onto (or a piece of fibreglass!). If there’s someone that fights to the very end, it’s him. Aggressive but fair on the track, generous and friendly off the track (at his expense, he offered me his car for testing when he saw my situation). Rob, you’ve definitely earned my respect. I hope not to see you on the track at Silverstone – cause you will be too far back ;o)

kas 7281 - Rules and emotionsI’d like to thank you for your continued support – Mike Alder for his continued help and advice, Salim for coming, bringing well-wishes with him and flying the Moroccan flag, my family and friends, the Ginetta racing team and, of course, my fan club that now spans over 18 countries in 4 continents.

Since starting this blog a month ago, we’re getting over 500 views/visitors so join the fun if you haven’t already! Even though we can’t all finish first, we can all chip in a little, donate to the SOS Villages program and make sure that a child in need receives the attention they deserve. These contributions make us all winners!

And now if you’ll excuse me, I have some training to do…

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