Still alive and kicking!

No time for a long report, life has been quite hectic lately, so here are the visual highlights instead.

Qualifications under the rain, a snippet to show you the conditions.


I nearly did not qualify after losing control…but managed to finish a 360 degree turn on the tarmac without ending in the gravel pit in my 2nd lap! Happy days. (A minimum of 3 laps are required for qualification).

And the joy of overtaking a couple of cars, ’cause we are here to have fun after all!

11th in the end and feeling up for it.

Karim Sekkat (GBR) Ginetta G40
Karim Sekkat (GBR) Ginetta G40
SOS Kinderdorf in Kochi
SOS Kinderdorf in Kochi (Kerala) in Indien. Foto: Frank May/picture alliance im Auftrag von SOS Kinderdörfer
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