We arrive at the driver’s briefing at 8:30. All the drivers are already suited, I’m still in my jeans. We are supposed to be in the Assembly area at 9:15. This is going to be close.

The Clerk starts his speech by telling us that they will be 24 exclusions! Each of these drivers would get a further 4 points penalty on their license for racing under yellow flag and endangering the lives of Marshall’s on track. You could hear a pin drop. This was no joke.

The day before a number of cars went onto the grass, crashes and stayed stranded on track. Race Control did not stop the race but placed it under Yellow Flag condition. The rules are clear on the matter: speed must be reduced, total control must be maintained, strictly no overtaking and duty of care must be given.

The MSA representative got the footage for wrong lap / sector. A huge commotion ensued and the communication was poor, eventually the race was canceled.
Many drivers believed, in their desperate defence that the race should of been Red Flagged (meaning that all drivers must make their way back to the pits without delay).

This misses the whole point. Yes communication and management could and should be improved. But regardless of any technicalities, there must be no room to endanger people’s lives – SIMPLE!

img 0310 - The morning after
As drivers, we need to stop and look at ourselves, have the courage to be humble, sorry and learn. I saw none of these qualities that day.

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