img 0979 - Silverstone GP last chance

We only have time to refuel and we are back on track! Maybe it’s a good thing, no time to think, to dwell, to talk.

I am focused, I have nothing to loose. I will start at the back of the grid. With 48 drivers it means being so far back that you are not even on the straight… I hardly see the lights, yet I am so focused on the 3 red dots.

Then like in a dream, I press the throttle and overtake cars one after the other. In a smooth fashion, so easily it seems like they are letting me through. I fly like a butterfly with no care in the world. I am climbing steadily, surely without making a mistake.

I provoke the slide at the right time and catch the car just in time as to keep the momentum going. As two cars are fighting one another, I overtake them both in one sweeping motion.

I am on the edge of the grip, of the track yet I am so relaxed. This is it, this is the feeling, I am in the Zone!

I would like to finish in the top 10…

We arrive in parc Fermé and I am overjoyed! My Bro and Kevin, my mechanic, are there to congratulate me from the other side of the fence. They can’t believe it either: “You finished 9th!”

Seing a bunch of people around my car, I go to find out what is the matter. The scrutineers get my bonnet open and start opening and checking all sorts. They check whether I changed the size of valves to let more air in, they plug their computer to see whether I have remapped my engine to give it more horsepower…they apologise for the extent of the checks and reassure me that they are only doing their job. I thank them and tell them that I am taking it as a huge compliment!

This must of been the best race of my career!

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