Zandvoort seems a nice sleepy beach town. You arrive at the circuit smiling and relaxed. Actually it is very welcoming with many signs worthy of British humour. 

img 0302 - Cool town Zandvoortimg 0303 - Cool town Zandvoortimg 0304 - Cool town Zandvoortimg 0305 - Cool town Zandvoort
Rules are very relaxed too. Dogs allowed in the paddock and we have a driver’s briefing on the deck in the sun. For this open pit lane test day the drivers are allowed to overtake without consent left and right and outbreak people! 

The casualties during testing start climbing as a number of cars are badly smashed.

I see Ron Lynn having his first off in two years: The God of the black stuff has fallen!

My times keep improving, I’m in a good place. I am getting ready to race in the British Race Festival.

img 0322 - Cool town Zandvoort

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