We are coming around Paddock Hill Bend for lap 2 and I get another good launch. I am overtaking Portlock easily on the inside, he is my focus. Stupid decision number 1.

He breaks and and I break very shortly after, he is mine. This seems too easy…

I have forgotten that I am driving at 85mph, faster than him whilst benefiting from a lot less grip (he is on the dry and I am on the wet line). Add a shorter radius to adhere to for the upcoming corner (I am on the inside of the hairpin). And sprinkle some old brakes and tyres and you have a perfect recipe for disaster.

But no, he is not the problem, all would of been fine if it was not for John Wall.

John comes into my vision, whilst unsighted during the overtaking manoeuvre, I should of remembered that he was there somewhere ahead of us with Phil Ingram. I had a clear view of them coming down Paddock Hill! No excuses there either I’m afraid. I went into a tunnel vision. Bad decision number 7.

This is his corner, no if’s no but’s. Plain and simple!

I hit the brakes and my wheels lock and I slide into him. He is thrown spinning, as I am. In two years of driving, this is the first crash I cause: I am frustrated and mad with myself. How could I do that? Was it greed or did I just had a brain fart?

Clearly not my finest hour – after the race I would go straight to him to apologise and he was very gentlemanly about it. Shrugging his shoulders he said:”no worries, it’s racing mate, I did not know it was you who hit me!”.

This is bad driving I’m afraid – I know it and I’m not proud of it. Being brave is one thing, being stupid another. I have taken some undue flack this season as all grievances were rejected by the officials as racing incidents or they found the other party at fault! I don’t have any points on my racing license, clean as a whistle. Is that about to change?

We are both on track, easy targets waiting to be collected by another driver and there is a real chance that this could become a multi-car pile up. I have been on the receiving end of pile ups twice this season… this time I am the culprit! And it is only luck and my colleagues’ good skill that prevents a bigger catastrophe.

The crash looks way worse from the spectators point of view. One of them told me afterwards that it was an “ambitious move”…you don’t say!

I hit John at 51mph and luckily he is alright and his car is not damaged. My bonnet flew open and was flapping. This impaired my vision somewhat ;o).

screen shot 2017 08 09 at 13 10 37 - I had it coming - Race 1 Lap 2

Now, stop laughing and consider this: I am not the only one able to drive with a restricted view…thanks to my cousin Said for pointing it out.

img 0359 - I had it coming - Race 1 Lap 2

I hit the throttle and continue racing. Stupid decision number 2.

Video link below:



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