Hard work and dedication paid off. Thank you to Elite Motorsport, Rich, Robert & Jack for putting up with me. Adam for highlighting my weaknesses & Chris for applying the required cool down speech. First from start to finish was a nice feeling on track. But by no means was it a walk in the parc. Started on pole position in the Ginetta GT5 Challenge AM. A twitchy start although somehow without contact. Pre determined strategy worked well. I then got too comfortable and eased off too much; enabling Bal to have a shot. But I held on from the seat of my pants.

img 1423 1 1024x683 - 1st win of the Season
img 1424 1024x683 - 1st win of the Season

From the first corner of the grid were two fierce rivals: (White) and (Sidhu). Both drivers pushing for wins, so everyone knew what was at stake here! We are also competing against each other for places in the championship and a spot on the podium.

img 1420 1024x683 - 1st win of the Season

At the green light I got away cleanly while White seems to struggle to get his tires up to temperature or having to defend hard. Meanwhile Bal continued to chase until he cought up with me but couldn’t make the pass.

Can we replicate this story tomorrow? Nobody knows…

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