A new game is born in the paddock: poke fun at Karim! So after the wins, the time for making fun of me started without delay. Adam was on the hunt for a new nickname. “The Moroccan James Hunt” by Adam Smalley was born. Even tough I was quietly dismissive, it seem to have attracted great traction within the Elite Motorsport bandwagon in no time. Adam provided the proof (as you can see below) and I fear the nickname might just stick. Adam is a repeat offender as he tried other nicknames unsuccessfully such as “Morocco’s fastest racing driver”. He must be brought to justice!

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Indeed, I am at risk of loosing my nickname “the legend” by Harry King. Of course, he is another one! He has planted the seeds and after seeing that I was a serious threat to him on track and in the courtroom; he quickly moved on. Things started going downhill after we exposed him in our world exclusive interview…

Nowadays he doesn’t speak to me anymore (it was great to see you Sunday Champ!)

I wonder whether it was Ali Rushforth that started it all with his opening salvo of “Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone”?

img 1374 689x1024 - Loosing my reputation

In all fairness it wasn’t. The floodgates opened with Steph Bush’s surprise invitation for a Ginetta Special Award. Another one that cannot be trusted! She presented me with a Kitty Litter Award during the 2021 year end celebrations evening. I was called to the podium to teach racing drivers how to attempt the famous ‘reverse’ overtaking move developed at Donington GP.

img 0654 1024x683 - Loosing my reputation

Or did it start well before that when I opened a Gentleman’s club in 2018? The initiated will remember that I also invented the ‘inverted’ move (taken from the Top Gun movie). To date I believe we are only 3 members of this by invitation only restricted Ginetta club (with a former team mate Will Aspin taking over 3 years to get his membership card) but that is another story…

img 1438 1024x473 - Loosing my reputation

Has anyone thought about my reputation? The hurt this might inflict on me? Time to ring Youssef Chehbi, my lawyer (human rights and press freedom activist in Morocco). I concede he might not be knocking Mike Tyson anytime soon; but his tongue is as sharp as a Samouraï sword. So I count on him to wake up from his siesta, finally do some work for once and organise my defence. At the last count it is Karim Sekkat Nil Point and Rest of the World 4, this situation must be overturned. Until then keep well and safe nerdies!

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