September 2016 at Donington Park, I had a great start and found myself straight away in a big fight. I am pushing the limit as far as the car can go (or to be honest as far as my capabilities allow!). After 3 off tracks, I somehow get into 5th position. And still I push, I want my first trophy so badly. Come Karim, risk it all, throw caution to the wind. Then at 1:44 still during lap 2 I overtake Simon Kersey I’m 4th. I can’t believe it, the highest position I have ever been in.

But still, I want more, I know that I am faster than Keith Gibson. I try to make my move. He is blocking me time and again, I am well aware that this is costing me so much time…it’s my chance for a podium position, it’s all or nothing: Days of Thunder Baby!

Then knocking on my door – literally – was Richard Tetlow . He came blasting, kissed my bumper and scrapped my new wheel. But I was determined, he was not going to pass that easily. I tried to close him off twice then, then…well what can I say: he was better then me and he made his move.

Keeping my concentration was a challenge. Had I already spent all my adrenaline? I found myself in the wrong lane and already thinking offensively. That was the wrong thing to do. I broke 10 metre too late…I had nobody behind me… on my own I span and lost control: stupid! Don’t panic & get back on it I tell myself. But my heart is not having it and is racing faster then I am. It was written as we say. I overcooked it: double stupid!

I was back at the back!

I wish my brain could slow down. Remind me to book that appointment with the psychologist when I get back.

5 competitors DNF (Did Not Finish) through this race, it seem it’s a contact sport after all!

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