kas 7189 - Last training session part 2/2During testing, my battery light turned solid red. I’m hoping there’s not much to worry about there. Later on, I check my times with Mike again. I’ve made some progress and shaved off three seconds. I knew I could do it, I am half way there. A surge of exhilaration grabs hold of my mind and body. I’m getting better and better. Eagerly, I get back on the track. This is my way of talking game.

In the oval, I felt my tires were losing grip again at 108 mph, I am facing that dreaded concrete wall again! I also heard a strange noise coming from somewhere. It seems like the Universe was throwing everything at me to knock me off my balance. No chance. I will keep my line. The concrete wall will have to wait for someone else to kiss it. In the pit, they discovered that the differential had sprung a bolt. I was so relieved to know that the car wasn’t dancing because of me. We’re out of our depth, though.

wan2race - Last training session part 2/2Luckily, team Want2Race steps up to the challenge. They work their magic and Mike is with them every minute, watching and learning. And they did an incredible job. Thank you, guys!

Back on track, I manage to shave off another two seconds. 1:53. I decide it’s time to confront what happened to me last time. Meet the wet tarmac on the wet grip area. I got used to sliding, my back drifting and then gaining control again. Every time I slid, I was focused on the line. I felt the car’s reaction, what was going okas 7133 - Last training session part 2/2n and now, hopefully, I master it somehow better.
It’s time to go all in. I need to make sure I’m on the level with them. My mind slows everything down and I become aware of every small detail. I push her in every corner, I even conquer my fear and go by the concrete wall as fast as I can. My body feels the pressure, as sweat drips from my forehead slither on my jaw and down onto my neck. I pass the finish line – 1:51, just shy of the big boys now.

I did it, I got to my goal. It’s just a matter of time before I can do this consistently. I take down notes from the day, paying close attention to what happened and I head on home. I came here before the sun rose, I left after the sun set. Did time stop? I was so tired I could barely tell what was happening. I was losing energy, speed, torque and the dials kept spinning out of control. The speed was a constant 40mph, but the oil pressure was abnormally high. Wipers gave into the pouring rain, while the heat from the engine bathed me in steam. The battery went dead and I drove blind for a while, relying on the lights from the truck in front. I couldn’t see the signs, so I missed two parking spots. Soon enough, the engine gave up.

Using my racing skills, I carried the speed for a while longer. When I got out to push it somewhere safe, a few strangers jumped to my aid. I don’t know who they were, but, if you’re reading this, thank you!

I arranged to have the car towed. At home, there’s not one ounce of energy left in me. I can’t even take a shower so I’m going to allow myself one accident today: I crash in bed for a well-deserved rest…Tomorrow morning I will have to find a quick solution to get the car roaring again or they will be no race for me!

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