img 8495 - A word from the Pro, by Tom Oliphant“I first met Karim when I introduced him to iZone Driver Development, he came across as a very confident individual who is clearly very successful in life.

His words to me were “I want to be the best I can be in Motorsport and I need you to find me the most optimal way to do this”, it is rare that a completely new driver has this determination and drive to achieve straight away. When we started training together it was tough and I think it quickly dawned on him how hard this task would be.

Starting from scratch is never easy, getting used to the sim, new tracks, the difference of driving a race car to a road car, it was all very new. Motorsport is a very tough sport to pick up quickly, you have to unlearn a lot of bad habits from normal road driving and be able to be committed whilst still being controlled.

Karim stuck with it and I started to see improvement, the consistency came and we could work more on technique rather than track knowledge. He really made a big step forward when he had more testing time under his belt, he was able to take the learning points from the real test into his sim work.

Going into the first race, I feel confident that Karim can fight for top 8 results and maybe better, his biggest challenge will be maintaining his performance when his heart is telling him he wants to be better. The main thing for Karim is to enjoy the experience, give his all in every race and learn from his mistakes, so we can improve for the next outing.”

Tom Oliphant is a professional driver and coach. Tom’s racing career summary so far:

Races entered 117
Wins 11
Podiums 36
Pole positions 6
Fastest laps 10
Race win percentage 9.4%
Podium percentage 30.8%

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tpa picture 27942 - A word from the Pro, by Tom Oliphant

soscv logo 500px - A word from the Pro, by Tom Oliphant

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